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So I was tagged by simminglystrange and getmygameon.


Hahahaha. So I made a total mess of the laptop I’m borrowing.



Have fun. xD (why yes, of course I name my files “ladieda” why not.)

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We always participate in one particular lottery, because some of their money actually goes to charity instead of to their own pockets. And we got a whole bunch of discount codes and stuff for 2015. I got super excited, because it usually involves loads of museums, or gardens and other stuff. And it does.

But of course 90% is located in the western part of the Netherlands. >_> The amount of money I save will be lost anyway because of travel costs.


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I’m an INFP, too! *high-five*

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INFPs unite!

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The Joker! Gosh that’s kinda cool. But mine includes Robin. ….hmmmmmm.

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Tag Game: Characters who have the same personality as you!

If you don’t know your personality type, take the test HERE!

Tagged by dzienusichsviatych (what the heckie is your new url, it’s so difficult)

Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them!

So eh… I used to get INFJ all the time, but lately I’m in the INFP category. I’m really in the middle when it comes to Prospecting/Judging.

INFP - You are one of the Diplomats - an empathic and idealistic individual who enjoys exploring interesting ideas and prizes morality. You are known for your poetic nature, intuitive skills and pure, childlike enthusiasm. 

Of course I don’t know 90% of these characters in the list. xD and I relate to even fewer.


Both Lucy and Luna have been one of my first fictional characters I fell in love and identified with and are still in my all time favourite top ten. <3

There are way more characters in that list, but… oh well. Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables was also in there and that’s on my to read/watch list. Now I really should. Also, honourable mention goes to


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Blegh games keeping giving me errors. *Glares at EA’s games*

Sorry for being a pedantic fuck but Sim currency is the Simoleon.

Oh yes, that’s true! Sometimes I mix it up. You’re completely right, anon. c:


One thing I always liked about this game were the random phone calls. I used to get that one phone call all the time, where they basically insulted your interior furnishing and you got a thousand simdollar to improve it, because they took pity on you.

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I was trying out another virus scanner (Avira)  and they called their virus scan check program Luke Filewalker. And of course it found something, too.

You better not, Luke.

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caffinatedstory tagged me. c:


Name: Leonie

Birthday12th of June!

Favorite colour: Green, blue, white, earthy colours

Lucky favourite numbers: 9, 28, 74

Height: 168 cm. Technically it’s 167,5. >_> I pretend it’s 168.

Talents: Pfff… a musical talent I suppose, as well as comforting people? I hope - I try. Also I love to write, but I’m not sure whether to call that a talent or not.

Last dream you rememberOh, that was last night. I dreamt about Zwarte Piet and my slowly dying lamp on the ceiling and sheep and I have no idea what was going on. Then it turned into a scary nightmare. :c

Can you juggleHaha. Flashbacks to gym in High School and the teacher trying to learn me. Haha. No, I can’t. 

Art/sports/bothThe arts, definitely. Writing, making music, drawing, I love all of it. The only sports I like is swimming (but only outdoors and not in the sea, I’m so picky) and badminton… and biking and walking is nice in the forest, but I don’t do that for sport.

Do you like writing: Hmmm what might my answer be.

Do you like dancing: I do, but only if there’s no one near to watch me fail at it.

Do you like singing:  Definitely! I wish I had a wider range so I could actually sing a lot more songs properly.


Dream vacation: I love visiting cities with lots of culture, history, architecture… but I also like being on a camping for a few weeks with good friends/family surrounding me, playing games at night and spending time together. And countries as Iceland, New Zealand and Canada are high on my list. Japan is too, but I can’t stand eating any type of fish, so I wouldn’t survive there. xD

Dream guy/girl: A sense of humour is a must! Kind and caring too, and preferably someone who at least shares some of the same interests as me, such as reading books and playing (board)games with the entire family. I can’t really care about looks or nationality or something. Although I’m not ready to leave my own country for good and never will. And it has to be someone who respects my religion. They don’t have to be religious themselves, although I would love it if they were. It just makes things slightly easier. 

Dream wedding: I seriously have never thought about this. A small church, probably somewhere in spring. Just small and cozy, with family and good friends. I don’t need anything big.

Dream pet A dog or a cat. I like both equally a lot. Although my dwarf hamsters are still super super cute!

Dream jobMy absolute dream? Producing theater / musical shows with children who need to practise their social skills or to boost their confidence. It combines about everything I love.

Favourite song musical pieceOne of my favourites is Music from John Miles, but I already mentioned that in another meme. But another one I also love…we dive into classical music. In the Hall of the Mountaing King from Edvard Grieg.

Favourite albums: I don’t really listen to albums… I’ve got Spotify playlists.

Last song you heard on the radio: I I rarely listen to the radio, because I don’t really like nowadays radio music, with exception from a few.

Least favourite song: Katy Perry’s stuff. Or Justin Bieber. Or… pff. I don’t have any examples. 

Least favourite album: The “90 % of all pop music made since 2008” album. :D

Least favourite artistMister Bieber, because of both his music and his attitude.


Guys/girls/both: Admittedly, unsure!  

Hair colourI’m probably never dyeing my hair, so I’ll stay a brunette. And for others… well, I love redheads! But I don’t really mind hair colours. Although I do prefer the natural hair colours above colours as pink or blue.

Eye colourPff… I really can’t care about eye colour.

Humorous/serious: Humorous, although they have to know when to be serious, too. You can’t make a joke about of everything. Looking at you, uncle.

Taller/shorter: My eventual partner? I don’t really mind either, actually. But please don’t be over two meters, I look short enough. :D 

Biggest turn-offs: Hm. Close minded, rude, not helping each other (it seriously pisses me off so much when I ask someone if they could help a lliiiittle bit while I’m busy cleaning too and I have to ask three times to do something tiny and they just… don’t do it while they’re doing nothing useful and aren’t busy with work either. Come on.) Also, I don’t appreciate racism or people being pushy.

Biggest turn-ons: Someone who feels good! That sounds weird, but I can be really uncomfortable with some people without really knowing why. And well, I love it when they have a dash of humour, but mostly if they’re understanding and respect my views on certain things, even if we don’t necessarily agree. Mutual understanding and respect is high on my list.

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