There’s so much CC already and I had to try them out. There are now non-default clothing! Aah. So this is Sunny, who hopes to start a loving family with another woman. c:

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Echo Isles

ok but this island by voleste is hella cute and i wanted to try decorating it similarly for my new ‘hood so i tried my best and it looks pretty aight to me tbh

Ahw. :D 


Echo Isles

ok but this island by voleste is hella cute and i wanted to try decorating it similarly for my new ‘hood so i tried my best and it looks pretty aight to me tbh

Ahw. :D 

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I got tagged by lehamite

Name: Leonie

Nickname: Leste, Leo, Leonietje, Dutchie/Dutchy

Birthday: June 12th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Honestly, I’m not sure. A friend suspects I’m asexual and I can’t disagree, but… I just have no idea.

Height: 168 cm. I believe this is 5’6”?

Time zone: GMT+1.

What time and date is it there: August 31st 2014, 17:39 / almost 6 pm.

Average hours of sleep I get at night: Five, I have some sleeping problems lately.

The last thing I Googled was: I’m pretty sure it’s either for Zoo Tycoon downloads or a website to look for jobs.

My most used phrase(s): Ehm. I’m not sure. I use the “xD” smiley a lot though. And “yep” is my favourite way of saying yes.

First word that comes to mind: Hamster. There’s one of our hamsters in the living room gnawing at the cage even though we gave her all sorts of things to sharpen her teeth on and it’s freaking annoying.

What I last said to a family member: Bye! “Ajuus.” (Seriously. I just came back from a visit to my grandma. c: )

One place that makes me happy & why: A family’s house. Any family’s house, really. I love my family a lot.

Favorite beverage(s): Tea, coffee, water, orange juice, wine.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: That must’ve either been the Second Hobbit or the latest James Bond movie. I think the Hobbit came later.

Three things I can’t live without: My laptop, for talking to family and friends mainly. Music / saxophone (I can put that together in one group! Can I?) and…books.

Something I plan on learning: I can’t continue the study I was doing sadly, but I still really want to do something with pyschology or therapy. Also my tutor told me I need to do a self assurance course because mine was exceptionally low. >_>;; I do want to learn that but I’m not sure how. Lastly I want to train my voice more, because I just love musical and theater and I really need to find a local theater group. WHERE ARE YOU HIDING.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Please take good care of yourself and those around you! Be gentle to others and spread positivity; but also don’t be afraid to lean on others if you can’t do it yourself. Maybe I’m a bit naive, but I really think that helping others is such a good thing.

You all have to listen to this song: Music - John Miles. “Music was my first love, and it’ll be my last.” 

My blog(s):Ffff. It’s voleste, volesteclonehello (I dump stuff on there), neverfadinglight (used to be an inspiration blog, abandoned), pixel-trade (HAHAHA Pixel trade I need keep you active), hamstercave (that’s empty, hoarded url), lagelanden (roleplay blog), wordsformameaning (abandoned Nanowrimo blog), wingsgoinggrey (another roleplay blog) and nanothoughtsfromvoleste (a new Nanowrimo blog). 

Then there are also some blogs I’m an admin of but I barely do anything with it, like volestedownloads (that I actually didn’t start), simscommunityproject (THE TRUTH IS OUT I …am not really spending time on that project currently) and badsimsmoviefest. 

Then I also have a LiveJournal and Dreamwidth (both Voleste). I have a problem.

I tag variable-blast, midsummersky, kotetsue, simminglystrange, ove51, muupi, nnnilou, allisas, swedishjazz and kalisasims. :D

opinionatedwhitegirl replied to your photoset “I need to learn to attach the wall to those eleveated paths. Apart…”

YES. I love ZT2. Will you be posting more, maybe?

Probably, yes! I love the game a lot. If people don’t like to see this though, you can blacklist the Zoo Tycoon 2 tag! That’s how I’ll tag them.

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I need to learn to attach the wall to those eleveated paths. Apart from that though. :D I wanted to show Shasta these but Skype didn’t behave. So on Tumblr they go.

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Ooh activity page why are you such a mess. Anyway, allisas tagged me in a sims 2 meme and I love question memes!

1. When did you start playing The Sims 2?

I got a taste of it when I was playing at my friend’s house and she showed “THE SEQUEL OF THE SIMS OOOOH” to me.Needless to say that’s all we did that afternoon and she let me borrow her disks. However it didn’t run on our Windows 98 PC. I’m not sure why we even tried. But I really really really wanted to game. “Daaaad.” So my father roamed the internet for an illegal file because no way they wanted me to pay so much for a disk that probably wasn’t going to work on our - now upgraded to XP PC. And of course it didn’t. Then I got my first laptop (Packard Bell, Vista, not a good combination) and it worked! Somewhat. The textures were borked up in such a way that they didn’t display well, so I ended up having walls down permanently and my sims did everything outside. This was in 2007. When I got my second laptop in 2010 I finally could play it properly. Without red flashing walls.

2. What did you like most about The Sims 2?

It feels less restricted than the other two games in terms of building. And there’s so much to do still! I really play since 2010 and there’s so many things that I have never done in the game. And there are many challenges you can do with it. It’s a great sandbox game. Right now I love building and decorating the most.

3. What did you spend most of your time doing in The Sims 2?

Hehe whoops. Building and decorating! But I have to add that I also love creating and decorating terrains. Landscaping is just so enjoyable.  I also like to make custom content, but I prefer to make it for others. Also because I have so much in my game already, I wouldn’t know what to make for myself.

4. One thing you won’t forget about The Sims 2?

Like with all my other hobbies - orchestra, roleplay, musical - in this community too I found some great people I will never forget. I love a lot of you guys. <3 That’s the number one thing.

5. One thing that annoyed you the most about The Sims 2?

Apart from the fact that I had to wait until 2010 until I could buy a proper laptop that ran the Sims well enough? xD The borkage and crashes and especially me being an idiot and deleting stuff. I can’t play this game anymore without my excessive hack and bug fix folder.

6. How has The Sims 2 impacted your life?

Like I mentioned before, I met some great people who I really don’t want to lose, so I’d say that’s quite the impact. I wish it made me interested in gardening. I love gardens a lot, but to do it myself? Nah. It has made me interested in gardens and landscaping in general, though, and I have to admit in architecture as well. I just love to go to a city and look at the buildings around me. 

7. Will you be playing The Sims 2 after the release of The Sims 4?

I play plenty of old games, including but not limited to Zoo Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Sims 1 and 2. Although the Sims 4 looks interesting, I can’t say it looks that appealing to me and I won’t stop playing aforementioned games. I do want to try out build mode in the Sims 4, however it doesn’t even have a few of my favourite cheats. Besides, that new game is going to cost 70 euros. That’s a little expensive. Just a bit.

I hope you haven’t done this meme already! I tag justsimaround, yandereplumsim, shastakiss, seri-plays, deedee-sims, talesofsimverse, darthfluffle and simla-simblr.


More Zoo Tycoon. c: I’ve got a fire star zoo now.

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Kitties! And the little black one grew up, too.

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We found an old piece of video back of my hamster bitch slapping another.(Neither were harmed!) This is Adriaan&#8217;s legacy. c:

We found an old piece of video back of my hamster bitch slapping another.(Neither were harmed!) This is Adriaan’s legacy. c:

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I’ve fallen in love with Zoo Tycoon 2. Blame seri-plays for that. xD

Zoo Tycoon 2