I had a couple anons asking about where they could find certain downloads off Tumblr. Thing is, I never put them anywhere else than Tumblr. xD I crossposted everything that I released on Tumblr and GoS in the past few months on Dreamwidth / LiveJournal now and things should be there. The index is not up to date yet, so you’d have to go through the latest posts or the tags instead. :)

They’re mostly terrains, a couple sims and some buy/build mode stuff. And hairs. It’s a mix. :3

I was having a photoshoot with Maartje the hamster… also known as fluffy pancake who empties her food pouches on me. She’s now on a desk safari trip.

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You can lower the foundation? Wow, I didn’t know that, is it the constrain floor cheat?

I had no idea either! It works indeed with the constrain floor elevation cheat. You can watch a tutorial on it here. :)

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Why do I always run out of space? I always have eleven or twelve pictures. Grmbl.

So I built a house. :3 I watched some tutorials and learnt how to lower the foundation, and then decided to make a house from it. I’ve used this houseplan as guideline, by the way.

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Only coming over to tell you that I like you. You are very friendly and every time your posts appear on my dash I smile :) Thanks!

Oh, that’s so super sweet! Thank you a lot! <3

Anonymous   that cheered me up a lot :D   I'm not really sad though but it's a really nice message  

I really, really need one of those curtains attached to attic windows. This whole scarf and towel construction isn’t going particularly well.

hot hot hot hot   it's cooler downstairs but my sis doesn't want me downstairs >_>; and it's too hot for arguements too  

I had cravings to build a house, so I did. Base game only, by the way. :D

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I never felt that Ts1 needed that much CC :D I mean, with all the expansions, there is so many wacky, nice stuff already in it. I mean, I hoard CC for every game I own - except Sims 1! That deserves some recognition, I think

Very true! I’m just going for a couple mods for now. Although CC dóes make it really nice. I think I’m going to keep a clean install as well as one in which I dump loads of cc. Ferndale’s stuff will forever be my favourite. *-*

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Why yes, the guy fell asleep, standing right in front of his bed. I also completely forgot they could be so grumpy if you woke them before the energy meter was full…

I also need to go on a cc hunt. In particular. a mod that lets you set relationships. /grmbls about not being able to make them married from the get go.

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i’m getting so much nostalgia from these pictures omg

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Ah, the nostalgia! :D

My plan is working! Gna gna.

Seriously though, this game needs more love. It’s 14 years old and it still works fine, and loads of people are still creating for it too. :D

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